Nook Restaurant Review

Review for Nook Restaurant – Madison, Wisconsin

Restaurant: Nook

She said:
Location: ★★★ A little tricky to find because it’s so small. Not much parking (street only) but a fun part of the east side.
Atmosphere: ★★★★ Interesting! Picture a hallway with a kitchen at one end and a long table down the middle. They play 90’s hip hop and rap!
Greeting/Wait: ★★★★★ We were the last to arrive – oops.
Seating Area: ★★★★ Again – weird. One table – that’s it. Our seating group wasn’t fun but the experience was.
Service: ★★★★ Hard to say. No rapport with servers. Owner/Chef was great though.
Drinks: ★★★ Drinks were designed to “match” food. A little odd to go from wine to beer and back.
Appetizer: ★★★★★ Unexpected extra added to our 5 courses. Amazingly good for raw green beans.
Meal: ★★★★★ See tasting menu items. All creative and delicious.
Dessert: ★★★ Their signature is a tree and they served chocolate bark in it. For how avant-garde the menu is, this seemed too “crafty” and unnecessary.
Price/Value: ★★★★★ $40/person and $20/person drink pairings. Experience and meal was well worth the price.
Additional Notes: This is a must if for the experience alone. On top of that, the food is playful, unexpected and delicious.

She Said: Had a little trepidation going in. I have “food issues and like more control than this provided, but I put them aside to do this and I’m so glad I did. It was phenomenal. They worked around my mushroom allergy for two of the courses, but nothing was lost in the changes. If I would recommend on restaurant this year, this is it. It wins for concept, execution and taste.

My Meal: Same tasting meal for all.
Beans with truffle mayo
Tomato and peach soup with cream
Romaine and watermelon salad with hops
Hen and lobster
Cap’n Crunch’s crunch berries
Spumoni bark with cinnamon pear

What I loved: The concept, the disregard for “normal” and the food.

What I’d change: Hard to come up with something to change because the idea is so novel but our table was not a lot of fun. Some scheduled ice breakers would help.

He said:
Location: ★★★★★ East side location with and east side feel. A block from Barrymore Theatre.
Atmosphere: ★★★★★ Nondescript front door opens to a shotgun room. One table for 12, then the kitchen. Art is interesting.
Greeting/Wait: ★★★★★ You feel like you’ve been invited into the Chef’s home. Greeted immediately. No wait since seating is reserved.
Seating Area: ★★★★★ One long table seating 12, but 6 per side, not like the Last Supper. She sat across from me, a stranger on each side. The “try new things guy” in me likes it. The introvert in me is uncomfortable.
Service: ★★★★★
Drinks: ★★★★★ Tasting menu came with a drink pairing option. Beyond just the typical wine pairing. Interesting and inventive.
Appetizer: ★★★★★ Fresh green beans with truffle mayo. I like my vegetables in small doses, so this was quite nice. Fresh, crisp beans in a rich mayo.
Meal: ★★★★★ Another 4 courses of intrigue. Tomato peach soup with cream, not a combo often found, but mellow sweet peach combined with the acidic tomato and softened with cream was an unexpected delight.
Dessert: ★★★★★
Price/Value: ★★★★★ What price do you put on a truly unique experience?
Additional Notes:

He Said: I want more of the style restaurant, and yet, I don’t.

My Meal:

What I loved:

What I would change:

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